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It takes a lot to impress me sometimes because compared to the average Joe on the street I've seen and done a lot online.

Typically when someone starts talking to me about their website the conversation winds up being a mini coaching session where I share with them what I know...

But this time it was different.

Dane impressed and taught me about something I've typically ignored. You see, he is CONSISTENTLY getting top ranking on Google and other search engines for VERY COMPETITIVE keywords.

Some background...

It's commonly known that getting ranked on popular search engines for lesser known keywords isn't all that difficult, but getting ranked in the top five for POPULAR keywords is a tough game that I don't play very well. In fact I tend to ignore SEO (search engine optimization or
Search Engine Placement) altogether in exchange for other marketing ideas that are easier and more predictable.

But Dane's idea has changed my mind about all this.

Jim Cockrum author of "SILENT SALES MACHINE" the best selling Ebay success book EVER.

It is nothing short of amazing.  After struggling with marketing my website for years the Simple Seo ebook comes along and changed my life.  Doing pay per clicks was too expensive for my website, but I needed the traffic.  Within 1 week of reading this book I was on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN.  I saw my website traffic triple in just one week and it keeps increasing everyday.   

M. Marsee

I have always been intimidated by words like website optimizing and SEO.  It was something that  some genius was able to do, but nothing that I would even dream of.  I don't know HTML and to be honest, a lot of the language I see on different SEO sites is overwhelming.  I don't know what they mean, so I sure don't think that it is anything I can do; but SIMPLE SEO is different.  It walked me through it step by step and I was able to optimize my own website without any special knowledge.  My website currently has the top 3 spots on at least 5 major keywords.  It really has increased my website traffic, and increased the profits.

L. Anthony

By using the SEO techniques that I learned in this book, I was able to increase my profit margin by 20%, but my sales increased over 200%.  I was able to get my keywords a #1 ranking on Google naturally.  I discovered that these leads were of much better quality than the pay-per-click leads.  Who would of thought that free was better than paid?  I am now making the money that I knew was possible on the internet, but just couldn't figure out how to get there.  SIMPLE SEO really did make it that easy.  I wish that I had read it four (4) years ago.

T. Hendrickson

Within 5 days I could tell a difference.  My advertising costs went way down, my traffic went way up, my sales increased, my conversion rate increased, my profits skyrocketed and I was just amazed.  It is such a simple and common sense approach.  I had the search engine placement that I needed.

T. Hasty

THIS EBOOK will literally save you thousands of dollars in pay-per-click charges.  THIS EBOOK will save you several hundreds of hours research.  THIS EBOOK will show you the way to the top of the search engines.

What is the ebook "
Simple SEO"?

"Simple SEO" is not an SEO firm trying to get you to allow us to optimize your website for an annual fee of $2,000, $5,000 or even $20,000+.  It will get you results unequal to any other program if you follow the book.

"Simple SEO" is not a get rich quick scheme.  It will increase your quality traffic to your website without increasing your advertising budget and this usually results in more money.

"Simple SEO" is not a confusing manual written over most peoples head with hard to understand language, terms and technology.  It is an easily readable, followable book designed to be used by even the least experienced person, but with enough information to help out the seasoned veteran.  This ebook takes a no nonsense approach to search engine optimizing.

"Simple SEO" is not some black magic trick to get your website to the top of the search engines.  It will teach you how to get your website to the top of the search engines through good SEO practices.  Good SEO technique takes some effort.  This book will guide you in this effort to get to the top of Google.

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You will not find an easier book to follow for search engine optimizing!

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Why search engine placement?  One thing almost every commercial website has in common is that the end user or customer have to be able to find it.  Generally the more quality traffic a website has the more profitable it is going to be.  In real estate there is an old saying location, location, location.  The same is true on the internet.  Search engine placement, search engine placement, search engine placement.  These are the three (3) things needed for your website to be successful.  I like to categorize search engine placement three (3) different ways.  Category 1 is NO SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT.  These websites are usually "hobby" websites and don't generate much quality traffic, income or anything else.  Category 2 is GOOD SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT.  These websites tend to bring in some revenue, maybe even enough to make to support your family and be self employed, but they spend much of their profits on pay-per-click advertising and when it is all said and done would probably be better off working for someone else.  Category 3 is GREAT SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENTThis is where everyone wants to be on the internet.  This is the "ocean front property" of the internet.  This is getting to the top of google on your chosen keyword searches.  This is like putting your retail brick and mortar store on the busiest intersection in town-and not having to pay rent to be there.  How to you get the great search engine placement?  My ebook SIMPLE SEO shows you the road map on how to get straight to the top of Google and all of the other major search engines in just 4 easy steps.  If you want to own the prime real estate of the search engines then you need SIMPLE SEO.

Want some more proof?  Look at the screen shot below.  It is MSN with the search term "search engine placement".  Search engine placement is the most commonly used term when searching for SEO and my book appears #2 on MSN.  I achieved this using my technique that I teach in my book.  Anyone can do this.  It really is that simple.  NOW WHAT IS THAT WORTH?

Ask yourself these questions . . . .

Does your website need quality free traffic?

Are you tired of paying for clicks?

Do you wonder "how do I get to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN?"

Do you think SEO is some form of "black magic"?

Are you intimidated by the thought of optimizing your own website?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then "Simple SEO" ebook is for you.

What will "Simple SEO" ebook do for you?

Simple SEO ebook will . . . .

*teach you how to optimize your website in
 4 easy steps

*provide you with the tools to get free, quality website traffic

*teach you how to manipulate search engine placement

*increase your profits more than you can imagine

*make you an expert on SEO

*allow you to control your own destiny on the internet


Who am I and why did I

write this book?

I, like so many other people, and
probably not unlike yourself, saw a great
opportunity in the internet several years
Finally, after much deliberation I
decided to take the leap and build a
website and launch myself into

the ecommerce world. 
I built my first
website selling herbal products. 

I was ready to go, guns a blazing, and
knew I was going to get rich!!!
My website needed quality traffic, and I

went in search of
getting that traffic?  It

was simple, but I had to pay for it.  I went

to Google and Yahoo and began

for clicks.  I started to make a little


  The big
problem was,  Google and
Yahoo were making more money off of
website than I was.  Something was
off, but I didn't know what to change,

after all, I was making money too.

I then created a website for my brick and
mortar store.  I knew if I
could get traffic
to the website, I would increase the
business in my store.  I went back
paying for clicks again.  Paying for clicks
got the traffic I needed to the website,
but the cost of the clicks decreased the
profit margin considerably.  It
like every month my competitors were

pushing up the bidding
price of clicks,
and the profit margin was quickly

decreasing.  I was on a mission to design

a way to 
get free traffic to my website.  I
knew if I could accomplish this task my
profit margin would tremendously

increase and life
would be so much
simpler.  I need good search engine


I was on a mission!  I read everything I

on search engine optimization
(SEO).  The problem I encountered was
with the information I found
out there.

  It was too technical.  I considered

myself to be a smart person, even

though I did’t
grow up with computers

nor did I take any college computer

These publications would lose

me on page one, but I was determined.  I
then started to
look at the top sites I was

competing with.  I wanted to see what

they were doing
that I wasn't.  I knew if

they had figured out "the secret", then I

could as well.

This book is what
I have discovered and
put to practice.  It works if you follow it.

  I have
tried it time after time with
success.  Follow it, don’t try to take short
cuts and you too can quickly be on
.  You can have that search engine
placement that you have been looking
for.  You can get that quality traffic to

your website.  You can increase your

profits.  Most important of all, you can

become financially independent.  It all

starts with proper search engine


Dane A. Laster



For less than a $40 investment you can get to the top of Google.  How much are you paying in pay-per-click advertising?  How much business are you losing by not being at the top of the search engines?  How much money are you losing today?  Quit giving your competitor the edge.  Get to the top of the search engines.

What is "search engine placement?" Search engine placement is to a website like location is to real estate. The better search engine placement you have, the more quality internet traffic you will get. If you have a retail storefront, the better location you have the more walk in traffic you will have. Now in both instances, it is still your responsibility to get the sell. How do you get that search engine placement" There are several ways. Most people when they are first starting out rely on pay-per-click advertising. This is when you bid on clicks with the major search engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo). A lot of the minor search engines offer this too, but it is not as popular. The problem with pay-per-click advertising to achieve good search engine placement is that;

1) It gets very expensive quick. 2) As soon as your competition wants to outspend you, they can take over your search engine placement and move you down, or worse yet, back a page. 3) Your competition can click on your ads to raise your advertising costs. 4) Consumers are getting smarter all of the time and click on the organic searches more often than the paid searches.

This leaves the organic searches on the search engines. You want good search engine placement to for your traffic. How do you get good search engine placement? Most people think that there is some form of black magic involved but it really comes down to a few simple things and hard work;

1)Good content on your website-let the search engines know what your website is about. 2)Search engine friendly URL-does your URL tell the search engines what your site is about? 3)Links, especially relevant links both within your website and external links.

It is really that simple. If you take care of the little things the SEO black magic will follow and you will get that good search engine placement that you have been looking for.